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Autopsies – External Examination

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Dr. Danielo Perez, a forensic pathologist residing in Austin, Texas, possesses extensive experience in performing autopsies. To train for his career, Dr. Danielo Perez of Austin served Stony Brooke University Hospital as chief resident in anatomic and clinical pathology.

As part of a death examination or autopsy, the presiding forensic pathologist will carefully examine the external characteristics of the body in question before undergoing an examination of the body’s internal organs and tissues. The external examination may also incorporate observations regarding features of the deceased’s clothing that lend insight into cause of death.

While performing an autopsy, the forensic pathologist will measure the weight and height of the deceased and take photographs to document the body’s condition. They will also collect evidence that may be located beneath the fingernails or near the genitals.

Moreover, they seek out minor wounds like cuts and abrasions as well as major wounds like gun shots and document their findings via a tape recorder and on paper. Other important observations made during the external examination include the body’s degree of rigor mortis, which can be used to estimate time of death.