Three Tips for Writing Haiku Poetry

Haiku Poetry pic
Haiku Poetry

An Austin, Texas, resident, Dr. Danielo Perez is a forensic pathologist by profession who has worked on multiple cases of unnatural, unattended, and unexplained deaths. In his personal life, Dr. Danielo Perez of Austin has an appreciation for haiku poetry, which he also writes.

Haiku is a form of unrhymed poetry from Japan. Its roots stretch back to the country’s Heian period, between 794 AD and 1185 AD. If you are interested in writing your own haiku, these three tips will help you hone your craft.

1. Structure – A haiku poem typically uses three lines consisting of 17 syllables in total. For a haiku, the first and last line should each be five syllables, while the middle line must have seven.

2. Theme – While your haiku can be about whatever you choose, nature is often a common theme, setting, or subject. It is also common, and often expected, that the poet mention the season or time of year.

3. Division – In the case of haiku, the division typically switches the focus of your poem from one thing to another, often in a surprising manner. Think of the division in haiku almost like a plot twist in a movie.


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